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  • Criminal Proceedings in Montgomery & Robertson County Court during COVID-19

    In regards to criminal matters, The Circuit Courts of Montgomery and Robertson Counties in compliance with Tennessee Supreme Court Orders, have limited in-person hearings to constitutionally required ...

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  • Domestic Assaults, Motions to Amending Conditions of Release, and Missed Court Dates During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Montgomery County, TN

    Maybe it is because we are all cooped up at home during the Covid-19 situation but whatever the reason there has been a noticeable increase in Domestic Assault cases. A Domestic Assault is defined in ...

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  • Military Divorce Attorney in Clarksville | Clarksville Military Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

    Helping Families Through Difficult Times Divorce is never an easy decision to make, regardless if you are a civilian or a member of the military. However, for military families, divorce can sometimes ...

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  • Felony Cases | Clarksville Felony Defense Attorneys

    Hibbeler & Associates Take On Felony Cases in Clarksville At Hibbeler & Associates, our skilled team of lawyers are dedicated to helping clients in Clarksville and surrounding communities overcome ...

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  • Pre-Trial and Judicial Diversions: The Legal System's Get Out of Jail (not quite free) Card

    Have you ever been in trouble before and made a potentially life altering mistake? Worried about a black mark on your record? Take a deep breath. Tennessee allows first time offenders (citizens who ...

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  • When Facing Criminal Charges As A Soldier Or While On A Military Installation, Should You Participate In An Interview With C.I.D. (Criminal Investigations Division)?

    The short answer is absolutely not! What most people think is “Since I did not do what I have been accused, there should be no problem with me going to C.I.D. and telling my side of the story.” The ...

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