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Criminal Proceedings in Montgomery & Robertson County Court during COVID-19

In regards to criminal matters, The Circuit Courts of Montgomery and Robertson Counties in compliance with Tennessee Supreme Court Orders, have limited in-person hearings to constitutionally required hearings of incarcerated defendants during this time.

However, the Judges of the 19th Judicial district have created procedures for accepting settlement agreements remotely. We can still help you settle any outstanding criminal matters if you are willing and able to sign a plea petition, any ancillary documents associated with a plea and a waiver of an in-person hearing prior to your court date.

If you have an arraignment set we can have you sign a waiver of arraignment, enter a notice of appearance on your behalf, and get to work on your case and either settle it remotely or set it for a trial and begin preparing when this public health crisis has ended.

If you have a friend or family member who is currently incarcerated, the courts are doing everything they can to move those cases forward as usual. So for any new arrests call us and we can either resolve those cases or negotiate a bond reduction until such time that those matters can be resolved. There is no reason for your loved ones to remain incarcerated during this crisis. Give us a call so we can help them out.

IF you have been charged with Domestic assault and due to conditions of release are unable to return home, let us know. Special procedures have been put in place to have these motions heard without the presence of the parties in court, but some extra paperwork must be prepared ahead of time. Call us as soon as possible so we can get you back in your home.

If you have a juvenile who has been detained due to a delinquency charge, those cases are moving forward as well through remote hearings. Hiring an attorney who can contact the Youth Services Officers and get to work on your case immediately can get your child home as soon as possible.