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Everyone deserves quality defense, no matter what the alleged crime involves. At Hibbeler & Associates, our Montgomery County criminal lawyers have earned a reputation for providing skilled and intelligently-crafted defense strategies for clients all across Clarksville, Fort Campbell, and the surrounding communities. As established local attorneys, we know the courts in our jurisdictions, the key players, and how to build a defense that serves our clients' interests. Whether you are facing criminal accusations involving a misdemeanor or a felony in state, federal, or military court, we are ready to act tenaciously in your defense.

  • Why choose our Clarkesville criminal defense attorneys?
  • 15+ years of collective experience
  • Licensed to defend clients in State, Federal & Military Courts
  • Experienced in military law & court martial
  • Accessible, affordable & effective representation
Clarksville Criminal Defense Attorney

Our team has effectively represented clients who have faced a broad range of criminal charges, includingDUI,drug crimes,domestic assault, probation violations,theft crimes, homicide, traffic violations, sex crimes and more. When your future and freedom are on the line, you can count on us for proven legal guidance.

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