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TN Felonies

Crimes are classified in categories based on the severity—felony offenses are the most serious. These crimes may be violent, such as murder or assault, or non-violent, such as fraud, auto theft, and drug trafficking. In some cases, a person who commits the same misdemeanor multiple times may have the charge elevated to felony status.

The legal options available to you will depend on the circumstances of your case. Contact our Clarksville felony defense lawyers at Hibbeler & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation.

Possible Penalties for Felonies

If the jury finds a defendant guilty, the judge will determine which "class" of felony the defendant's offense falls into. The judge will also decide how many years the defendant will spend in prison and possibly an amount he or she will be required to pay in fines. Tennessee felony classes range in severity, with Class A being the most serious and Class E the least.

Tennessee state law creates five classes of felonies:

  • Class A: Punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and 15-60 years in prison

Example: Aggravated rape — rape that involved physical harm to the victim or where the defendant was armed or assisted by others. Rape of a child under 13 years old also falls into this category.

  • Class B: Fines up to $25,000, with 8-30 years in prison

Example: Allowing or causing a minor to engaged in sexual acts for the purpose of creating pornography

  • Class C: Results in up to 15 years in prison and potentially a $10,000 fine

Example: Aggravated assault

  • Class D: $5,000 fine and 12 years in prison

Example: Possession of 10-70 pounds of marijuana

  • Class E: Fines of up to $3,000 with up to six years in prison

Example: Theft of property valued at more than $500 but less than $1,000

Multiple Felony Convictions

If a defendant is found guilty of multiple offenses, he or she may either be sentenced to "consecutive" or "concurrent" jail time. With concurrent jail time, the defendant serves time in jail for multiple crimes at once.

For example, if he or she was convicted of a Class A felony and sentenced to 40 years in prison, in addition to a Class B felony with 8 years in prison, he or she will only spend 40 years in jail total. This is because the jail sentences are considered to take place simultaneously.

However, if the defendant was sentenced with "concurrent" jail time, he or she would have to stay in prison for a total of 48 years. As soon as the defendant has completed 40 years in prison for the Class A felony, he or she would then start the 8 years for the Class B felony.

Tennessee also abides by the "three strikes rule," which means that if a defendant receives his or her third felony conviction, he or she might receive a life sentence without parole. This is especially likely in cases of violent felonies.

What Is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony?

Put simply, misdemeanors are less serious crimes. The maximum jail term for a misdemeanor is 11 months and 29 days, whereas a felony conviction can result in up to 60 years in prison. Tennessee felonies always carry a minimum of at least 1 year in prison. Some misdemeanors may also be eligible for expungement from your criminal record, which is not the case for felonies.

Facing Felony Charges? Get Help from Clarksville Felony Defense Attorneys.

A felony can stay on your criminal record, impacting all areas of your life for many years. Keep your freedom intact by preserving your legal rights. The Clarksville felony defense lawyers at Hibbeler & Associates have the knowledge and experience to defend your case. We have represented clients in a range of serious felony charges, such as domestic assault, sexual assault, rape, drug crimes, and homicide.

A felony charge requires the assistance of an experienced Clarksville criminal defense lawyer. For a free consultation, contact Hibbeler & Associates at (931) 563-9057.

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